Online Monitor Graphs Overview

You can view the data collected by the online monitors using the online monitor graphs.

About Online Monitor Graphs

Online monitor graphs display performance measurements for those resources being monitored during scenario run. Each measurement is represented on the graph by a colored line. Information about the measurements is listed in the legend below the graph. The legend displays the measurements for the selected graph only.

For details about selecting monitor graphs and customizing the graph display area, see How to Display Online Monitor Graphs.

For details about customizing graph layout and measurements, see How to Customize Online Graph and Measurement Settings.

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Viewing Monitor Data Offline

After monitoring resources during a scenario run, you can view a graph of the data that was gathered using LoadRunner Analysis. Analysis processes the data from the scenario run results files, and generates a graph for each measurement that was monitored.

For details about working with Analysis at the end of the scenario run, see the LoadRunner Analysis User Guide.

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