How to Collate Scenario Run Results

This task describes how to collate results after a scenario run.


  • Data collation includes result, diagnostics, and log files. If you are working in Expert mode, you can disable the collation of the log files. Before collating the results, select Tools > Options > General tab > Do not collate log files.

  • You can set a command to run when collation is complete. Select Tools > Options > Execution tab, and enter the command in the Post Collate Command box.

  • Collate results automatically

    Select Results > Auto Collate Results.

  • Collate results manually

    Select Results > Collate Results > Collate Results.

  • Stop the collation process

    In the Collate Results dialog box, click Stop.

  • Resume the collation process

    If you stopped the collation process, to resume select Results > Collate Results > Continue stopped collation.

  • If collation fails due to a lack of disk space

    To re-collate, select Results > Collate Results > Recollate. LoadRunner attempts to collate the results again, without compressing the .eve file.

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