How to Customize Online Graph and Measurement Settings

This task describes ways to customize online graphs and graph measurements.

Configure the graph settings

You can customize:

  • The type of graph display

  • What to display on the x-axis and y-axis.

You can apply these settings to all graphs, or to a specific graph only.

To configure the graph settings, in the Run tab, select Monitors > Online Graphs > Configure, (or right-click a graph and select Configure).

For user interface details, see Graph Configuration Dialog Box.

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Configure the measurement settings

You can customize the appearance and scale of measurements in a graph, and select whether they should be displayed in the graph or hidden from the graph.

In the Run tab, right-click a measurement in the graph or legend, and select Configure.

For user interface details, see Measurement Configuration Dialog Box.

Example: Measurement Scale

In the following example, the same graph is displayed with a scale of 1 and 10:

The actual graph values range from 0-1, as shown in the left graph. You can view the information more accurately using a larger scale for the display, as shown in the right graph. However, to obtain the actual values, you need to divide the displayed value by the scale. In the example above, the highest value shown in the graph is 5. Since the scale is 10, the actual value is 0.5.

The legend below the graph indicates the scale factor.

Example: Shown/Hidden Measurements

In the following example, the first image displays a line for each of the four measurements. In the second image, the second measurement listed in the legend is hidden in the graph:

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