How to Display Online Monitor Graphs

This task describes how to open other monitor graphs and customize the graph display area.

  1. Prerequisites. To see data in the online monitor graphs, the relevant monitoring environments must be configured. For details, see How to Set Up a Monitoring Environment.

  2. Open a monitor graph

    By default, LoadRunner displays the following graphs in the graph display area:

    1. Running Vusers

    2. Transaction Response Time

    3. Hits per Second

    4. Windows Resources

    You can open other graphs one at a time, as follows:

    • Method 1

      1. Select Monitors > Online Graphs > Open a New Graph, or right-click a graph and select Open a New Graph.

      2. In the Open a New Graph dialog box, click the "+" in the left pane to expand the category nodes, and select a graph. You can view a description of the selected graph in the Graph Description box.

      3. Click Open Graph, or drag the selected graph into the right pane of the Run view.

    • Method 2

      In the graph tree on the left of the Run tab, click the "+" to expand the category nodes. Double-click a graph or, alternatively, select it and drag it to the graph display area on the right.

      Note: If the graph tree is not displayed, select View > Show Available Graphs. To hide the graph tree view, select View > Hide Available Graphs.

  3. Customize the graph display area. Optional .

    By default, LoadRunner displays four graphs in the graph display area.

    To change the number of graphs displayed, right-click a graph in the graph display area and select View Graphs (or select View > View Graphs).

    Do one of the following:

    • Select the number of graphs to display from the options given

    • Select Custom Number and enter a number of graphs to display.

    • To display only one graph, double-click the graph displayed in the graph display area. To return to the previous view, double-click the graph again.

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