Manage Online Graphs

The following sections describe ways to work with the online monitor graphs.

Freeze graphs

You can pause a specific graph during a scenario run. Select the graph and select Monitors > OnlineGraph > Freeze, or right-click the graph and select Freeze. To resume, repeat the above action. When resumed, the graph displays the data for the paused period as well.

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Overlay graphs

You can merge or overlay the results of two graphs from the same scenario into a single graph. This enables you to compare several different measurements at once.

In the Run tab, right-click one of the online graphs you want to overlay, and select Overlay Graphs.

Note: The x-axis of both graphs must be the same measurement.

For details, see Overlay Graphs Dialog Box.

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Export graphs to HTML

You can export graphs displayed on the Run tab to HTML format for offline viewing at a later stage. When you export to HTML, the legend is also displayed with the graph.

You can export a single graph or all graphs in the online monitor display.

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Export a single graph

  1. Right-click the graph and select Export to HTML.

  2. Specify a path and filename for the exported graph/report.

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