Overlay Graphs Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to merge or overlay the results of two graphs from the same scenario into a single graph. The merging enables you to compare several different measurements at once.

For example, you can make an overlaid graph that displays the Web Throughput and Hits per Second as a function of the elapsed time.

To access
In the Run tab, right-click one of the online graphs you want to overlay, and select Overlay Graphs.
Important information
  • In order to overlay graphs, the x-axis of both graphs must be the same measurement.

  • When you overlay the contents of two graphs that share a common x-axis, the left y-axis on the overlaid graph shows the current graph's values. The right y-axis shows the values of the graph that was overlaid.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Current Graph
The name of the current graph.
Select graph to overlay with

The name of the graph to be merged with the current graph.

Note: The drop-down list displays only the active graphs that have a common x-axis with the current graph.

Title of overlaid graph
The title given to the overlaid graph.

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