SAP Web Protocol

The SAP-Web Vuser script typically contains several SAP transactions which make up a business process. The business process consists of functions that emulate user actions. For information about these functions, see the Web functions in the Function Reference.

Note: You can generate a SAP - Web Vuser script by analyzing an existing network traffic file (capture file). This method may be useful for creating Vuser scripts that emulate activity on mobile applications. For details, see Create a Vuser Script by Analyzing a Captured Traffic File.


The following example shows a typical recording for an SAP Portal client:

    web_reg_find("Text=SAP Portals Enterprise Portal 5.0", 
           , ENDITEM, 

The following section illustrates an SAP Web and SAP GUI multi-protocol recording in which the Portal client opens an SAP control. Note the switch from web_xxx to sapgui_xxx functions.

    sapgui_open_connection_ex(" /H/Protector/S/3200 /WP", 
    /*Before running script, enter password in place of asterisks in logon function*/
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