Code Generation Notification Dialog Box

This dialog box displays details about notifications generated during code generation and their recommended actions. This dialog box is relevant for the following protocols:

  • Flex

  • Java over HTTP

  • To access
    Tools > Generation Notifications
    Important information
    If a Flex or Java over HTTP script encounters errors during the code generation phase, the Code Generation Notification dialog box automatically opens. This dialog box displays details about each notification, as well as recommended actions. Follow the recommended actions and regenerate the script.
    Relevant tasks

    Serialize Flex Scripts

    See also

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
<Notification list>
Notification list contains the following data columns:
  • Action Name

  • Step Name

  • Description

  • Recommended Operation

<Notification details>
Notification details contains two components:
  • Description detail. Displays the exception generated during script generation and its associated message.

  • Recommended Operation Details. Specifies actions to remedy the exception.

Generation Options
Regenerate Script
Regenerates the Vuser script.