Configure DFE Support

Applies to:

  • Web - HTTP/HTML Vuser scripts

  • Web - HTTP/HTML steps inside Flex Vuser scripts

After you enable DFE support for a Vuser script, you can configure the DFE support as described below. Configuring DFE support is the third step in implementing DFE support.

  1. Open the Vuser script in VuGen.
  2. Click Record > Recording Options > Data Format Extension > Code Generation.

    For details on the dialog box options, see Data Format Extension > Code Generation Recording Options.

  3. Under Configuration, from the Format list, select the parts of the Vuser script to which the DFEs will be applied.

    • Code and snapshots. Applies DFEs to convert the Vuser script code and the snapshot data.

    • Snapshots. Applies DFEs to convert the snapshot data only - not the Vuser script code.

  4. Select the Verify formatted data check box to check the results of the data conversion by converting the converted data back to the original state, and then verifying that it matches the original data.

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