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LoadRunner documentation includes the following help content and PDF guides:

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Get Started    
  What's new   Describes the newest features in this version of LoadRunner.
  System requirements
(Previously Product Availability Matrix, PAM) Provides the most up-to-date system requirements, supported environments, compatibility matrix, integrations, and protocols.



Provides last-minute news and information about LoadRunner.



A self-paced guide on how to use LoadRunner.
  LoadRunner Installation Guide

Describes how to install the LoadRunner components and load generators.


Function Reference

  A detailed reference of all the LoadRunner API functions. When developing scripts with VuGen, you can manually add these functions to a Vuser script, or modify those that were generated during recording. The reference also contains working examples.

Analysis API Reference

  Downloads a detailed reference (.chm file) of all the LoadRunner Analysis API functions. The API can be used to create an unattended Analysis session or to customize the extraction of data from test results.

Protocol SDK

  Describes how to create custom LoadRunner protocols from within VS (Visual Studio). Documentation and an API reference are accessible after you install the VS extension.
Additional References    
  Best Practices Guides   The LoadRunner Resources site contains various best practices documentation, including best practices for designing and executing load testing scenarios, working with online monitors, and more.