Web Services Functions (SOAP, WEB_SERVICE, Silverlight)

These functions support tests of web services and SOAP calls.

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silverlight_service_call Calls a Web service in a Silverlight environment.
silverlight_soap_request Performs a SOAP request in a Silverlight environment.
soa_xml_validate Validates an XML file against an XSD file and checks values.
soap_request Performs a SOAP request.
web_service_call Calls a Web service.
web_service_cancel_security Cancels the settings from the preceding call to web_service_set_security.
web_service_cancel_security_saml Cancels the settings from the preceding call to web_service_set_security_saml.
web_service_set_option Sets an option before a call to a web service.
web_service_set_security Adds security tokens to subsequent soap and web service calls.
web_service_set_security_saml Adds security tokens to subsequent soap and web service calls using SAML.
web_service_wait_for_event Waits for response to previous asynchronous service request.
ws_sign_saml_assertion Signs an unsigned SAML assertion.
wsdl_wsi_validation Validates the WSDL file of a web service.

JMS Transport Functions

jms_publish_message_topic Publishes messages to a specific topic.
jms_receive_message_queue Receives a message from a queue.
jms_receive_message_topic Receives published messages to a specific topic on a subscription.
jms_send_message_queue Sends a message to a queue.
jms_send_receive_message_queue Sends a message to a specified queue and receives a message from a specified queue.
jms_set_general_property Sets a general property in the user context.
jms_set_message_property Sets a JMS header or property for the next message to be sent.
jms_subscribe_topic Creates a subscription for a topic.