Sets the message level for the script execution.


void lr.set_debug_message( uint message_level, uint on_off );


Sub lr.set_debug_message( ByVal message_level As UInteger, ByVal on_off As UInteger )
Example: lr.set_debug_message Message Functions


Name Comments
message_level One of the Message Log Run-Time Settings.
on_off A switch to activate or deactivate a specific message level setting. Use one of the On-Off Constants.

The lr.set_debug_message function sets the debug message level, message_lvl, for the script execution. By setting a message level, you determine which information is sent. The setting is enabled by passing lr.SWITCH_ON as on_off, and disabled with lr.SWITCH_OFF.

The messages are sent to the log or output window.

Message levels are generally set in the script's Run-time Settings dialog box. The value can be changed from the current Run-time Settings value. For example, if the script's current message level in the Run-time Settings is set at "Brief" mode, the value can be increased to "Extended log" (LR_MSG_CLASS_EXTENDED_LOG):

     lr.set_debug_message(lr.MSG_CLASS_EXTENDED_LOG, lr.SWITCH_ON)

and later decreased to "Brief" once again:


To enable logging that is disabled in the Run-time Settings, set the message level to another level. For example:

     lr.set_debug_message (lr.MSG_CLASS_EXTENDED_LOG, lr.SWITCH_ON);

After enabling the logging, return to the disabled state by setting the debug level to zero (0) and activating the option using the lr.SWITCH_ON switch as the second parameter.

The message levels Result Data, Parameter Substitution, and Full Trace, are specific details, or sub-settings, of the Extended log setting. To set one of these sub-settings you can use logical Or's in your message_level argument.

Using lr.SWITCH_DEFAULT as on_off sets the on/off status of message_level to the default value regardless of previous calls to lr.set_debug_message. Use lr.SWITCH_DEFAULT with a single message_level argument. It does not work with ORed message_level settings.

Return Values

No value returned.


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.