Formats data using one or more data format extensions.

C Language

int web_convert_to_formatted ("RawData=<data_string>", "TargetParam=<parameter_name>", "ChainName=<name>", LAST );

Java Language

int object.convert_to_formatted( const char *RawData, const char *TargetParam, String [] {"ChainName=<name>", "LAST"} );    
The data to format. Additional information about the data can be provided with web_convert_from_formatted.
The name of a parameter. The formatted string will be saved in this parameter.
The data format chain name is the value of the ChainName parameter from the chain INI file.
The chain can be a chain you create or one of the chains supplied with LoadRunner.
A marker indicating the end of the argument list.

Return Values

This function returns LR_PASS (0) on success, and LR_FAIL (1) on failure.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.

General Information

The web_convert_to_formatted function formats data using one or more data format extensions.

This function can be used if Data Format Extensions are enabled in the Run-Time Settings.

Raw Data Qualifiers

The raw data can be qualified. Only one qualifier can be used. For text, no qualifier is used. The qualifiers are:

RawData/EscapedBinary - The raw data is a null-terminated string containing binary codes represented with escaped characters. The data is converted to binary before being passed to the data format chain. See Using Binary Code.

RawData/BinaryParam - The raw data is the name of a parameter containing binary data.