Summary Report Overview

The Summary report provides general information about load test scenario execution. This report is always available from the Session Explorer or as a tab in the Analysis window.

The Summary report lists statistics about the scenario run and provides links to the following graphs: Running Vusers, Throughput, Hits Per Second, HTTP Responses per Second, Transaction Summary, and Average Transaction Response Time.

The appearance of the Summary report and the information displayed, will vary depending on whether an SLA (Service Level Agreement) was defined. An SLA defines goals for the scenario. LoadRunner measures these goals during the scenario run, and analyzes them in the Summary report. For more information on defining an SLA, see SLA Reports.

If the scenario includes Network Virtualization and virtual locations have been defined, the Summary report includes a breakdown of data based on the virtual locations in the scenario. This enables you to analyze and compare the transaction behavior between different virtual locations.

A Summary report is also provided for Cross Result graphs. For more information about Cross Result graphs, see Cross Result Graphs Overview.

Note: You can save the Summary reports to an Excel file by selecting View > Export Summary to Excel or by clicking the Export Summary to Excel button on the toolbar.

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