Authentication Settings Tool

This dialog box enables you to select a TLS (SSL) certificate for your scenario run, or create one automatically.

To access
Controller > Tools > Authentication Settings
Important information
  • Once you create a CA certificate, you must use it on all of the LoadRunner machines.
  • After setting up or modifying the certificates, you must restart the Controller to apply the changes.
Relevant tasks Configure Secure Communication with Two-way TLS (SSL) Authentication

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
CA certificate file
The CA certificate file (with a .cer extension).
Generate a certificate automatically

Generates an TLS certificate based on the common name and CA private key.

You can specify a common name and CA private key for the certificate.

Click Advanced settings to specify a country, organization, organization unit, email, and validity range.

Note: If you make changes to the default CA, the connection will no longer be secure.

Choose an existing certificate file

The TLS certificate file (with a .cer extension).

This certificate will be sent to a load generator or MI Listener with enforced TLS client authentication. Only a certificate issued on the other end by the same CA will be trusted.

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