LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter

You can use the LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter tool to export scenario results to JSON files or to InfluxDB.

Launching the tool

To launch the LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter enter the following command:

LrRawResultsExporter -source_dir <folder_path> [-to_influx] [-target_dir <folder_path> -to_json] [-f]


Option Description

-source_dir <folder_path>

The location of the source file (.lrr) containing the scenario run results.

Instructs the Exporter to export the raw data to InfluxDB.

The following naming convention is used for the database that is created:

<name of folder>_<timestamp>, where timestamp is formatted as yyMMddHHmmss

-target_dir <folder_path> -to_json Instructs the Exporter to export the raw data to JSON files in the specified target folder.


Forces the execution of the application, automatically overwriting the target directory if it already exists.

Tip: For help, enter -h.

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When exporting to InfluxDB:

  • The InfluxDB server must be up and running.

  • Recommended: To allow for unlimited values per tag, in your InfluxDB configuration file, set max-values-per-tag= 0. For details, see the InfluxDB documentation.

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JSON output

When you export results to JSON, the information is stored as follows:


Contains information about the scenario run that generated the processed raw results.

offline.txt Contains the offline monitor data recorded by the monitors set up in the scenario run.
offlineMetadata.txt Contains additional metadata for the offline monitor datapoints stored in offline.txt.
*.eve As in the original .eve files, contain all the information recorded from the run: Transaction data, Transaction breakdown data, Errors (only script errors) and web related datapoints.

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InfluxDB output

When you export results to InfluxDB, the information is stored in the database as follows:

Table Description
Error The error events that occurred during the scenario run.
Transaction Complete transaction information.
TransactionBd Transaction breakdown information.
RunInfo Information about the scenario run.
VuserInfo Information about the Vusers that ran during the scenario run.
Datapoint The web-related datapoints recorded during the run.
MonitorDatapoint Datapoints recorded by offline monitors during the scenario run.
MonitorMetadata Additional metadata for the offline monitor datapoints recorded during the scenario run.

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