Introducing LoadRunner

Welcome to LoadRunner and the LoadRunner Help Center.

LoadRunner's load testing solution enables you to test the performance of diverse application types, and to identify and resolve issues before applications go live.

LoadRunner components

The main components of LoadRunner are:
Virtual User Generator (VuGen):

Captures end-user business processes and creates an automated performance testing script, also known as a Vuser script.

The scripts created with VuGen can be used with a number of other Micro Focus products, such as StormRunner Load Load, Business Process Monitor, and more.

See Introducing Virtual User Generator.

Controller: Organizes, drives, manages, and monitors the load tests. See Introducing Controller.
Analysis: Helps you view, dissect, and compare the results of the load tests. See Introducing Analysis.

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Ready to get started?

The LoadRunner Tutorial is a self-paced online and printable guide, designed to lead you through the process of load testing, and familiarize you with the LoadRunner testing environment.

Begin the tutorial here: LoadRunner Tutorial.

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