LoadRunner Professional terminology

The following terminology is commonly used in LoadRunner Professional:

Scenario A scenario is a sequence of events that emulate the hypothetical actions of real users on your application. 
Vusers In the scenario, LoadRunner Professional replaces real users with virtual users or Vusers. While a workstation accommodates only a single human user, many Vusers can run concurrently on a single workstation. In fact, a scenario can contain tens, hundreds, or even thousands of Vusers.
Vuser Scripts The actions that a Vuser performs during the scenario are described in a Vuser script. When you run a scenario, each Vuser executes a Vuser script. The Vuser scripts include functions that measure and record the performance of your application's components.
Transactions To measure the performance of the server, you define transactions. A transaction represents an action or a set of actions that you are interested in measuring. You define transactions within your Vuser script by enclosing the appropriate sections of the script with start and end transaction statements. For example, you can define a transaction that measures the time it takes for the server to process a request to view the balance of an account and for the information to be displayed at the ATM.
Rendezvous points You insert rendezvous points into Vuser scripts to emulate heavy user load on the server. Rendezvous points instruct Vusers to wait during test execution for multiple Vusers to arrive at a certain point, so that they may simultaneously perform a task. For example, to emulate peak load on the bank server, you can insert a rendezvous point instructing 100 Vusers to deposit cash into their accounts at the same time.
Controller You use Controller to manage and maintain your scenarios. Using Controller, you control all the Vusers in a scenario from a single workstation.
Load Generator When you execute a scenario, Controller distributes each Vuser in the scenario to a load generator. The load generator is the machine that executes the Vuser script, enabling the Vuser to emulate the actions of a human user.
Performance analysis Vuser scripts include functions that measure and record system performance during load-testing sessions. During a scenario run, you can monitor the network and server resources. Following a scenario run, you can view performance analysis data in reports and graphs.

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