Web - HTTP/HTML - Recording Methods for Mobile Applications

Note: This section describes the use of the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol for recording user activity on mobile applications. For comprehensive details about the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol, see Web - HTTP/HTML Protocol.

The Web HTTP/HTML protocol provides the following methods for generating Vuser scripts for mobile applications:

You can use: To do this:
A Capture File to Generate a Vuser Script

You can use VuGen to analyze a capture file that was created with an external capture file utility, such as Wireshark, and then generate a Vuser script.

For details see Create a Vuser Script by Analyzing a Captured Traffic File.

An Emulator to Create a Vuser Script

For many mobile devices, there are third party emulators that you can install on your computer. Once installed, you can use the emulator to record and generate a Vuser script for mobile applications.

For details see Using Emulation to Record Mobile Applications.

The LoadRunner Proxy to Create a Vuser Script

The VuGen machine acts as a proxy server capturing all the traffic from the mobile device to the target server. After the business process has been recorded VuGen creates a script.

For details, see:

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