Manage results using ALM overview

LoadRunner Analysis works together with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). ALM provides an efficient method for storing and retrieving scenario and analysis results. You can store results in an ALM project and organize them into unique groups.

In order for the Analysis to access an ALM project, you must connect it to the web server on which ALM is installed. You can connect to either a local or remote web server.

For more information on working with ALM, see the ALM Help Center (select the relevant version).

Note for analyzing LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly Performance Center) test data:

Since LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 was decoupled from ALM, you can no longer connect Analysis to an ALM server with Performance Center, and analyze data from the test run. Instead, you must collate and analyze the run results in LoadRunner Enterprise, and then download the results file for use in Analysis. For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise Help Center.

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