Sets credentials for connection to the remote desktop.

C Language

int pcoip_set_auth( const char* username, const char* domain, const char* password );

Example Teradici PCoIP Protocol


Name Comments
username User name.
domain Network domain.
password User password. See lr_unmask.


pcoip_set_auth sets the credentials for connection to the remote desktop. Call pcoip_set_auth before calling pcoip_connect.

The domain can be passed as part of the user name. In that case, pass an empty string for the domain. For example, pcoip_set_auth("europe\hans", "", lr_unmask("5678cdef91ab0cd"));

Return Values

E_ALREADY_CONNECTED Do not call this function after the connection is established.
E_NOT_CONNECTED Action cannot be performed. There is no connection to the remote server.
E_OUT_OF_TIME Function timed out.
E_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER Illegal parameter found.
E_INTERNAL Internal error found.


The username and domain arguments can be parameterized.


This example shows a connect and disconnect.

	pcoip_set_broker_address("mybroker.com", "443");		

	pcoip_set_auth("hogan", "my_domain", lr_unmask("123abc345def678ghi"));

	pcoip_connect("my_server", "", "my_server", "4172" );

	pcoip_set_display(800, 582);

	lr_think_time(5); pcoip_mouse_click(626, 13, LEFT_BUTTON, 0, "snapshot2");