Data Update Functions

These functions change the data in fields.

lrvtc_retrieve_messages1 and lrvtc_retrieve_row change data as a side effect of popping data from the first row. They change data by shifting data up by a row. lrvtc_rotate* functions move data from the top to the bottom of the table.

The C Language references include the information on the C# and the Java functions.

C Language C# Language Java Language JavaScript Description
lrvtc_clear_column vts.clear_column Lrvtc.clear_column lrvtc.clearColumn Clears all data in a column.
lrvtc_clear_message vts.clear_message Lrvtc.clear_message lrvtc.clearMessage Clears the data in a field.
lrvtc_clear_row vts.clear_row Lrvtc.clear_row lrvtc. clearRow Clears the data in a row.
lrvtc_increment vts.increment Lrvtc.increment lrvtc.increment Increments a counter stored in a field.
lrvtc_retrieve_message vts.retrieve_message Lrvtc.retrieve_message lrvtc.retrieveMessage Pops the first field from a column.
lrvtc_retrieve_messages1 vts.retrieve_messages Lrvtc.retrieve_messages1 lrvtc.retrieveMessages1 Pops the first fields from specified columns.
lrvtc_retrieve_row vts.retrieve_row Lrvtc.retrieve_row lrvtc.retrieveRow Pops the first fields from all columns.
lrvtc_rotate_message vts.rotate_message Lrvtc.rotate_message lrvtc.rotateMessage Retrieves the first field from the specified column and moves the value to the bottom.
lrvtc_rotate_messages1 vts.rotate_messages Lrvtc.rotate_messages1 lrvtc.rotateMessages1 Retrieves the first field from the specified column and moves the value to the bottom
lrvtc_rotate_row vts.rotate_row Lrvtc.rotate_row lrvtc.rotateRow Retrieves the first row and moves the values to the bottom.
lrvtc_send_if_unique vts.send_if_unique Lrvtc.send_if_unique lrvtc.sendIfUnique Sets the last field of a column to a value if the value does not exist in the column.
lrvtc_send_message vts.send_message Lrvtc.send_message lrvtc.sendMessage Sets the last field of a column to a value.
lrvtc_send_row1 vts.send_row1 Lrvtc.send_row1 lrvtc.sendRow1 Sets the data in multiple columns.
lrvtc_update_all_message_ifequals vts.update_all_message_ifequals Lrvtc.update_all_message_ifequals lrvtc.updateAllMessageIfequals Replaces a value in the specified columns.
lrvtc_update_message vts.update_message Lrvtc.update_message lrvtc.updateMessage Replaces the data in a field.
lrvtc_update_message_ifequals vts.update_message_ifequals Lrvtc.update_message_ifequals lrvtc.updateMessageIfequals Replaces the data in a field if the current data equals a given value.
lrvtc_update_row1 vts.update_row Lrvtc.update_row1 lrvtc.updateRow1 Replaces the data in a row.