Records a user-defined data sample.


int lr.user_data_point( string  sample_name, double value );


Function lr.user_data_point( ByVal sample_name As String, ByVal value  As Double ) as Integer
Example: lr.user_data_point Informational Functions


Name Comments
sample_name The data point name.
value The value to record.

The lr.user_data_point function allows you to record your own data for analysis. Each time you want to record a point, use this function to record the sample name and the value. The time of the sample is recorded automatically. After the execution, you can use the User Defined Data Points graph to analyze the results.

The following prefixes in sample_name are reserved:

A data point with any of these prefixes, for example "HTTP_BT", will not appear on the graph. However, the prefixes are case-sensitive, therefore "http_BT" is a valid sample_name.

Return Values

This function always returns zero.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.