Flex AMF Alphabetical Listing

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Function Name Description
flex_amf_call Sends a Flex AMF request.
flex_amf_define_envelope_header_set Defines a set of envelope headers.
flex_amf_define_header_set Defines a set of Flex AMF headers.
flex_login Logs on to a password-protected Flex application.
flex_logout Logs off of a password-protected Flex application.
flex_ping Checks if a Flex application is available.
flex_remoting_call Invokes one or more methods of server-side Remote objects (RPC).
flex_web_request Allows you to create a custom HTTP request with any method supported by HTTP


RTMP Functions
Function Name Description
flex_rtmp_connect Connects a client to an RTMP server and sets connection options.
flex_rtmp_disconnect Disconnects a client from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_receive_stream Receives streaming data from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_receive Receives responses from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_reg_save_param_xpath Registers a request to save dynamic data in an HTML buffer that has been formatted as XML. The data is saved to a parameter.
flex_rtmp_send Sends a request to an RTMP server.


RTMP Tunneled Functions
Function Name Description
flex_rtmp_tunneled_connect Connects a client to an RTMP server over HTTP.
flex_rtmp_tunneled_disconnect Disconnects a client from a session over HTTP with an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_tunneled_send Sends a request to an RTMP server over HTTP.