Marks the beginning of a transaction.

Example: Transactions Transaction Functions


lr.startTransaction( transactionName  );


Argument Comments
transactionName The name of the transaction.

The lr.startTransaction function marks the beginning of a transaction. To indicate a transaction to be analyzed, use the lr.startTransaction and lr.endTransaction functions. These functions are inserted immediately before and after the transaction.

Transactions can be nested, but each lr.startTransaction statement must be associated with an lr.endTransaction statement or it will be interpreted as an illegal command.

Note: Do not use the period character (.) in a transaction or sub-transaction name. The period character delimits transactions and sub-transactions. In analysis, a transaction name with a period will be interpreted as two transactions.

Return Values

This function returns -1 if the transaction name is illegal.


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.


function Action(){


   /* Server API call */
   rc = bank_deposit (50);

   /* End transaction with operation result - pass or fail */
   if (rc == 0)
       lr.endTransaction("deposit", lr.PASS);
       lr.endTransaction("deposit", lr.FAIL);

   return 0;