Example Asynchronous Functions - JavaScript

Sets an XML string to be the request body for the next request sent in a Flex ConversationClosedAn Asynchronous Conversation is a series of related web tasks, including tasks caused by redirection. An Asynchronous Conversation starts with the request for the desired response, includes all the requests and responses that are caused by this request (authentication, redirection, and so on) and ends when the desired response is received or when the series of interactions is canceled..


             web.utilSetFormattedRequestBody ( <xmlBody> );
Argument Description
xmlBody The XML string to be set as the new request body.

Return Values

Not applicable


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

General Information

This is a utility function that can be called from a Request Callback for a Flex conversation. See Alphabetical Listing of Flex Functions (FLEX)

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web.utilSetFormattedRequestBody("<AMFPacket AMF_version=\"3\">");

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