XML Functions (LR_XML)

XML is a language for web documents that contain structured information. It enables the identification of structures within the document, and provides the facility to define markup tags and their role. VuGen's web Vusers support web pages containing XML code.

The XML functions are not recorded—you insert them manually into your script.

See also Example Scripts for XML Queries

XML Functions

Click one of the following functions for more information:

lr_xml_delete Deletes fragments from an XML string
lr_xml_extract Extracts XML string fragments from an XML string
lr_xml_find Verifies that XML values are returned by a query
lr_xml_get_values Retrieves values of XML elements found by a query
lr_xml_insert Inserts a new XML fragment into an XML string
lr_xml_replace Replaces fragments of an XML string
lr_xml_set_values Sets the values of XML elements found by a query
lr_xml_transform Applies Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Transformation to XML data