COM+ Call Count graph

This graph displays the number of times COM+ interfaces and methods are invoked during the test.


Elapsed time from the beginning of the scenario run.


How many calls were made to a COM+ interface or method.

Breakdown options

Each interface or method is represented by a different colored line on the graph. The legend frame (which is found below the graph) identifies the interfaces by color:

This legend shows that the yellow colored line belongs to the COM+ interface _RandomTime. Looking at the graph above, we see that calls to this interface begin at the beginning of the scenario run. There are 20 calls at the 2:20 minute point.

Viewing COM+ Methods

The table initially displays COM+ interfaces, but you can also view the list of COM+ methods by using drill-down or filtering techniques. For more information, see Filter and sort graph data and Drill down in a graph.


The call count is computed by multiplying the call frequency by a time interval. As a result, the reported measurement may be rounded.


To highlight a specific interface line in the graph, select the interface row in the legend.

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