COM+ Total Operation Time Distribution graph

This graph shows the percentage of time a specific COM+ interface takes to execute in relation to all COM+ interfaces. It can also show the percentage of time a COM+ method takes to execute in relation to all COM+ methods within the interface.


Use it to identify those interfaces or methods which take up an excessive amount of time.

Breakdown options

Each interface or method is represented by a different colored area on the pie graph. The legend frame (which is found below the graph) identifies the interfaces by color:

This legend shows that the green colored line belongs to the COM+ interface IDispatch. Looking at the graph above, we see that this interface takes up 40.84% of the COM+ operational time.

Viewing COM+ Methods

To view the average response time of the individual methods within a COM+ interface, see Filter and sort graph data and Drill down in a graph.


To highlight a specific interface line in the graph, select the interface row in the legend.

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