Set up the IBM WebSphere MQ monitor

The IBM WebSphere MQ monitor is used to monitor channel and queue performance counters on an IBM WebSphere MQ Server.

This task describes how to configure the Controller and IBM WebSphere MQ machines.

To set up the IBM WebSphere MQ monitor:

  1. Prerequisites

    Ensure that an IBM WebSphere MQ Client Connection is installed on the Controller machine.

  2. Configure the server environment to monitor events

    The LoadRunner Professional MQ Monitor retrieves event messages from two standard MQSeries queues only:

    • SYSTEM.ADMIN.PERFM.EVENT – performance events, such as "queue depth high"

    • SYSTEM.ADMIN.CHANNEL.EVENT – channel events, such as "channel stopped"

    • Events must be enabled for the queue manager (and in many cases, on the applicable object, as well). Performance events are enabled by setting attributes for the queue on the MQ Server. Channel events are enabled by default, and cannot be disabled.

      Note: The IBM WebSphere MQ monitor does not retrieve data from a queue manager after the queue manager has been restarted.

    1. Run the following MQSC command:

    2. Set the queue attributes. For a list of queue attributes, IBM WebSphere MQ queue attributes.

  3. Add the monitored server to the Controller

    1. In the Controller Run view, click the IBM WebSphere MQ graph in the graph tree, and drag it into the right pane.

    2. Right-click the graph and select Add Measurements, or click anywhere on the graph and select Monitors > Add Measurements. The IBM WebSphere MQ dialog box opens.

    3. In the Monitored Server Machines section, click Add. The Add Machine dialog box opens.

    4. The first time that you add measurements, enter the server name or IP address of the machine you want to monitor. The format of the server name is <machine name>:<port number>. Select the platform on which the machine runs, and click OK.

    5. In the Resource Measurements section of the IBM WebSphere MQ dialog box, click Add.

  4. Configure the IBM WebSphere MQ monitor

    The IBM WebSphere MQ monitor connects to the IBM WebSphere MQ server (via the MQ Client Connection installed on the Controller machine). In MQ Client environments, the client machine connects to an MQ Server instance, and uses the Server's resources as if they were local to the client machine.

    Specify the connection information and measurements in the MQ Monitor Add Measurements dialog.

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