Connect to ALM from Analysis

To store and retrieve Analysis results from ALM, you need to connect to an ALM project. You can connect or disconnect from an ALM project at any time during the testing process.

You can connect to one version of ALM from Analysis and a different version from your browser. For more information, see the Important Information section in ALM Connection dialog box.

To connect to ALM:

  1. Select Tools > ALM Connection. The ALM Connection dialog box opens.

  2. Enter the required information in the ALM Connection dialog box, as described in ALM Connection dialog box.

  3. To disconnect from ALM, click Disconnect.


  • There is no explicit option in the Analysis user interface for enabling CAC mode (as in VuGen). Analysis automatically enables CAC mode if the ALM server machine supports it.

  • If you have a slow connection to ALM, this may be because the Analysis machine does not have access to the WAN, and so cannot verify the digital signature of the relevant files.

    Resolution: Download and import the certificates from using certmgr MMC until the issue is resolved (you might not need to import all the certificates). This information is also available in a knowledge base article.

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