ALM Connection dialog box

This dialog box enables you to connect to an ALM project.

To access Tools > ALM Connection
Important information

You can connect to one version of ALM from LoadRunner Professional and a different version of ALM from your browser.

You can only connect to different versions of ALM if one of the versions is ALM 11.00 or higher.

Note: Before you connect to ALM through the LoadRunner Professional interface, it is recommended that you first connect to the ALM server through your browser. This automatically downloads the ALM client files to your computer.

Relevant tasks Connect to ALM from Analysis

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Step 1: Connect to Server
  • Server URL. The URL of the server on which ALM is installed. The URL must be in the following form http://<server_name:port>/qcbin.
  • Reconnect to server on startup. Automatically reconnect to the server every time you start LoadRunner Professional .
  • / . Connects to the server specified in the Server URL box. Only one button is visible at a time, depending on your connection status.
Step 2: Authenticate User Information
  • User Name. Your ALM project user name.
  • Password. Your ALM project password.
  • Authenticate on startup. Authenticates your user information automatically, the next time you open the application. This option is available only if you selected Reconnect to server on startup above.
  • . Authenticates your user information against the ALM server.
  • After your user information has been authenticated, the fields in the Authenticate user information area are displayed in read-only format. The Authenticate button changes to .

    You can log in to the same ALM server using a different user name by clicking Change User, entering a new user name and password, and then clicking Authenticate again.

Step 3: Login to Project
  • Domain. The domain that contains the ALM project. Only those domains containing projects to which you have permission to connect to are displayed.
  • Project. Enter the ALM project name or select a project from the list. Only those projects that you have permission to connect to are displayed.
  • Login to project on startup. This option is only enabled when the Authenticate on startup check box is selected.
  • / . Logs into and out of the ALM project.

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