User-Defined Data Point graphs overview

The User-Defined Data Point graphs display the values of user-defined data points. You define a data point in your Vuser script by inserting an lr_user_data_point function at the appropriate place (user_data_point for GUI Vusers and lr.user_data_point for Java Vusers).

    lr_user_data_point ("data_point_1",1);
    lr_user_data_point ("data_point_2",2);
    return 0;

For Vuser protocols that support the graphical script representations such as Web and Oracle NCA, you insert a data point as a User Defined step. Data point information is gathered each time the script executes the function or step. For more information about data points, refer to the Function Reference.

Data points, like other Analysis data, are aggregated every few seconds, resulting in less data points shown on the graph than actually recorded. For more information, see Change the granularity of the data.

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