Graph filter properties

You can filter the J2EE & .NET Diagnostics graphs so that the displayed data is more suitable to your needs. You can filter using the following methods:

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Class Name

Shows data for specified classes.

Layer Name

Shows data for specified layers.

Scenario Elapsed Time

Shows data for transactions that ended during the specified time.

SQL Logical Name

Shows data for specified SQL logical names. Due to the length of some SQL names, after you choose an SQL statement it is assigned a "logical name." This logical name is used in the filter dialog, legend, grouping, and other places in place of the full SQL statement. You can view the full SQL statement in the Measurement Description dialog box (View > Show Measurement Description).

Transaction Name - J2EE/.NET

Shows data for a specified transaction.

Some JDBC methods have the ability to invoke SQL's (each method can invoke several different SQL's) so there is another level of breakdown which is the SQL statements.

Note: For the methods that do not have SQL statement when reaching this level of breakdown you see NoSql.

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