J2EE and .NET Diagnostics graphs Summary report

The J2EE & .NET Diagnostics Usage section of the Summary report provides general information about load test scenario execution and a usage chart for the J2EE & .NET Diagnostics and server request layers.

Breakdown options

The J2EE & .NET Diagnostics Usage section breaks transactions and server requests into:

  • Web server activity (Servlets and JSPs data)

  • Application server activity (JNDIs)

  • Back-end activity of database requests (JDBC methods and SQL queries)

  • Total usage time for each transaction and request


If you do not see diagnostics data on the Summary Report, check if you are using a user-defined template. To view relevant data, choose a different template from the list of templates, or create and apply a new template. For more information about using templates, see Apply/Edit Template dialog box.

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