How to View J2EE/.NET Diagnostics Data During a Scenario Run

This task describes how to view diagnostics data for J2EE/.NET Diagnostics in LoadRunner Professional for the whole scenario or for a specific transaction during a scenario run.

To view diagnostics data for the whole scenario:

In Controller, select the Diagnostics for J2EE/.NET tab. J2EE/.NET Diagnostics opens, displaying the Scenario Summary dashboard view.

The Scenario Summary dashboard view displays monitoring versions of the transactions, server requests, load, and probe views for the current run.

Note: If you move to another tab during the scenario run and then return to the Diagnostics for J2EE/.NET tab, the last screen that you viewed will be displayed.

To view Diagnostics Data for a Specific Transaction:

  1. Select one of the Transaction graphs (for example, Transaction Response Time), to open the graph.

  2. Right-click the relevant transaction in the graph legend and select Show J2EE/.NET server side.

  3. J2EE/.NET Diagnostics opens, displaying the Transactions view, which contains performance metrics and drill-down options for the selected transaction.

    For more information about interpreting data in the Diagnostics Transactions view, see the Diagnostics User Guide.

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