J2EE/.NET Diagnostics

The J2EE/.NET Diagnostics integration with LoadRunner Professional allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), .NET-connected, and other complex environments.

The integration is supported for the following protocols: Web - HTTP/HTML, Java over HTTP, Oracle - Web, SAP - Web, Siebel - Web, TruClient - Web, Web Services.

By configuring a LoadRunner Professional scenario to use J2EE/.NET Diagnostics, you can instruct LoadRunner Professional to capture server requests which occur outside the context of a Vuser transaction.

The benefit of this functionality is that it can capture calls into a back-end virtual machine even when:

  • The probe is not capturing RMI calls

  • RMI calls cannot be captured (perhaps because an unsupported application container is being used)

  • The application uses some other mechanism for communications between multiple virtual machines

For more information about working with diagnostics for J2EE and .NET, see the Diagnostics User Guide available on the Diagnostics installation media.

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