J2EE/.NET Configuration dialog box

This dialog box enables you to set up the J2EE/.NET Diagnostics module.

To access
Select Diagnostics > Configuration. In the Online & Offline Diagnostics section, click Configure.
Important information
The dialog box is read- only while a scenario is running.
Relevant tasks
See also J2EE and .NET Diagnostics graphs overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Enable J2EE/.NET Diagnostics
Enables J2EE/.NET Diagnostics and allows you to configure the J2EE/.NET Diagnostics settings
Select probes table
Selects a probe for monitoring. At least one probe must be selected. Clear the check box to disable a probe for the duration of the scenario.
Name. The name of the probe.
Group. The probe group.
Host Name. The host the probe is running on (or the application server on which the probe is installed) la.

Note: If you upgraded your Diagnostics installation, probes from existing scenarios may appear with a red status. Clear any probes that appear in red.

MI Listener server
Enter the name of the MI Listener server when the Diagnostics server is located behind a firewall.
Monitor server requests
Select to capture a percentage of server requests which occur outside the context of any Vuser transaction. For more information, see Install the J2EE/.NET Diagnostics add-in.


  • The server requests will be captured at the same percentage that was selected for the percentage of Vusers in the Diagnostics Distribution dialog box.

  • Enabling this option imposes an additional overhead on the probe.

Troubleshoot Diagnostics for J2EE/.NET connectivity
Click to open the Diagnostics System Health Monitor to enable you to investigate any connectivity issues between the Diagnostics components.

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