Load Generator Configuration > Connection tab

This tab enables monitoring or running Vusers over a firewall. It also allows you to select a connection profile, for customizing the ports used by the load generator and the MI Listener.

To access
Controller toolbar > > Add or Details
Important information
  • If the load generator is connected, you cannot change values in this tab. To disconnect a load generator, select it in the Load Generators dialog box and click Disconnect. The load generator status changes to Down, and you can change the settings.

  • If the load generator is localhost, this tab is disabled.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Choose Network Profile
A drop-down list of network profiles defining the connection properties of the load generator. Each profile defines whether to connect directly or via an MI Listener. You can also provide information to connect to the load generator via a proxy.
Browse. Opens the Network Profile Manager. For details, see Network Profile Manager dialog box.
Enable Monitoring over Firewall
Enables monitoring over firewall for this load generator.

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