Options > Execution tab

This tab enables you to configure miscellaneous scenario execution settings.

To access
Tools > Options > Execution tab
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Default Scheduler
Enables you to set the default schedule run mode for new scenarios.
  • Real-world schedule. Runs the scenario according to a real-world set of events

  • Basic schedule. Runs a basic schedule, starting the Vusers, running them for a given amount of time, and stopping them.

For more details, see Schedule run modes.
Post Collate Command
Enables you to define a command that Controller will run directly after it collates the results of a scenario run.
Example: You can define a command to run a customer application that runs the Analysis API to extract data.

Note: In the command, you can use the keyword, %ResultDir%, to refer to the scenario's results folder. (This keyword is not case sensitive.)

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