Options > Runtime Settings tab

This tab enables you to specify scenario runtime settings relating to Vuser quotas, loading mode, stopping Vusers, and the seed for random sequences.

To access
Tools > Options > Runtime Settings tab
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

Sets the default runtime setting values.
Vuser Quota

To prevent your system from overloading, you can set quotas for Vuser activity. The Vuser quotas apply to Vusers on all load generators.

Number of Vusers that may be initialized at one time - all load generators. The maximum number of Vusers the load generator can initialize at a time (when an Initialize command is sent).

Default: 999
Vuser loading mode on the Load Generators
  • Round-robin mode. Use a round-robin algorithm to route client requests to the available load generators. This setting only applies to Percentage Mode scenarios. For Vuser Group Mode scenarios, Sequential mode is used.

  • Sequential mode. Load Vusers sequentially on the load generators.

For details about the modes, see Configure Vuser runtime settings.

When stopping Vusers

Controls how Vusers stop running when the Stop button is clicked:

  • Wait for the current iteration to end before stopping. (Default) The Vuser completes the iteration it is running before stopping. The Vusers move to the Gradual Exiting status and exit the scenario gradually.

  • Wait for the current action to end before stopping. The Vuser completes the action it is running before stopping. The Vusers move to the Gradual Exitingstatus and exit the scenario gradually.

  • Stop immediately. The Vusers stop running immediately. The Vusers move to the Exiting status and exit the scenario immediately.

Use random sequence with seed

Instructs LoadRunner Professional to use a seed number for random sequencing. Each seed value represents one sequence of random values used for test execution. Whenever you use this seed value, the same sequence of values is assigned to the Vusers in the scenario.

This setting applies to parameterized Vuser scripts using the Random method for assigning values from a data file. It also affects the random percentage of recorded think time. For more information, see the Runtime settings documentation in the Virtual User Generator Help Center (select the relevant version).

Enable this option if you discover a problem when running the test and want to repeat the test using the same sequence of random values.

Default: 0

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