Auto Correlate dialog box

This dialog box enables you to configure settings used to correlate measurements from the selected graph with measurements in other graphs.

To access

Right-click on a graph and select > Auto Correlate from the context menu.

Important information
  • You can also use the green and red vertical drag bars to specify the start and end values for the scenario time range.
  • The granularity of the correlated measurements graph may differ from that of the original graph, depending on the scenario time range defined.

Time Range tab

The Time Range tab of the Auto Correlate dialog box enables you to specify a load test scenario time range for the correlated measurement graph.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Measurement to Correlate

Select the measurement you want to correlate.

Display values for complete time range

Click Display to correlate values for the complete scenario time range. This option is available only if you applied a time filter to your graph.

Suggest Time Range By

Analysis automatically demarcates the most significant time period for the measurement in the scenario.

  • Trend. Demarcated an extended time segment which contains the most significant changes.

  • Feature. Demarcates a smaller dimension segment which forms the trend.


Choose the time segment most dissimilar to its adjacent segments.


Suggest the next time segment for auto correlation. Each suggestion is successively less dissimilar.


Return to the previous suggestion of a time segment.

Automatically suggest for new measurement

Generates new suggestions each time that the Measurement to Correlate item changes.


Specify a start value (in hh:mm:ss format) for the desired scenario time range.


Specify an end value (in hh:mm:ss format) for the desired scenario time range.

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Correlation Options tab

You use the Correlation Options tab to set the graphs to correlate, the data interval, and the output options.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Select Graphs for Correlation

Select the graphs whose measurements you want to correlate with your selected measurement.

Data Interval

Calculate the interval between correlation measurement polls.

  • Automatic. Uses an automatic value, determined by the time range.

  • Correlate data based on X second intervals. Enter a fixed value.


Choose the level of output displayed.

  • Show the X most closely correlated measurements. Displays only the specified number of measurements most closely related to the selected measurement. The default value is 5.

  • Show measurements with an influence factor of at least X%. Displays only those measurements that converge to the specified percent with the selected measurement. The default value is 50%.

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