Summary tab

This tab displays summary information about the messages sent during a scenario run.

To access
Output window > Summary tab
Important information
You can drill down further on any information displayed in blue.
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Type of Message
Filters the output messages to display only certain message types. Select one of the following filters:
  • All messages. Displays all message types.

  • Batch. Sent instead of message boxes appearing in Controller, if you are using automation.

  • Debug. Sent only if the debugging feature is enabled in Controller. (Expert mode: Tools > Options > Debug Information). For more information, see Options > Debug Information tab.

  • Errors. Usually indicate that the script failed.

  • Notifications. Provides runtime information, such as message sent using lr_output_message.

  • Warnings. Indicates that the Vuser encountered a problem, but the scenario continued to run.

Details Displays the full text of the selected output message in the Detailed Message Text area at the bottom of the Output window.
Remove all messages. Clears all log information from the Output window.
Export the view. Saves the output to a specified file.

Freeze /


  • Freeze. Stops updating the Output window with messages.

  • Resume. Resumes updating the Output window with messages. The newly updated log information is displayed in a red frame.

Summary tab columns

The following table describes the columns in the Output window's Summary tab:

Column name
The type of message being displayed. The following icons indicate the various message types. For more information about each type, see Type of Message below:
  • Batch

  • Debug

  • Errors

  • Notifications

  • Warnings

Message Code
Displays the code assigned to all similar messages. The number in parentheses indicates the number of different codes displayed in the Output window.
Sample Message Text
Displays an shortened version of the message text. To see the whole message, click Details.
Total Messages
Displays the total number of sent messages with the specified code.
Displays the number of Vusers that generated messages with the specified code.
Displays the number of scripts whose execution generated messages with the specified code.
Displays the number of load generators that generated messages with the specified message code.
Displays an icon if there is a link to troubleshooting for the message.

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