What's New in 2020 and 2020 SP1

Check out below the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen, versions 2020 and 2020 service pack 1 (SP1).

Note: The Help Centers for LoadRunner Professional 2020 and 2020 SP1 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2020:

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Introducing the LoadRunner family

The Micro Focus LoadRunner family provides an industry-leading, comprehensive portfolio for continuous load, stress, and performance testing. Based on smart analytics and real-time insights, using real-world simulations, and integrating with open-source and third-party tools, LoadRunner solutions drive the application efficiency, endurance, and stability required to achieve quality and speed on an enterprise scale.

From this release, LoadRunner Professional is the new product name for LoadRunner. The name change does not impact support or pricing of the product. In addition to seeing the new name in the marketing assets and the product UI, you will also see the name change reflected in the documentation and different systems such as the ADM support site, our main microfocus.com website, ADM community pages, and in social media posts.

LoadRunner Professional: Provides an on-premises solution for application performance and load testing that identifies the most likely cause of performance issues.

LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly named Performance Center): Provides increased efficiency and reduced cost through collaborative performance load testing.

For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise Help Center.

LoadRunner Cloud (formerly named StormRunner Load): Provides a scalable, cloud-based mobile app, and website load-testing resources.

For details, see the LoadRunner Cloud Help Center.

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VuGen and protocol enhancements

Virtual User Generator and its supported protocols include the following enhancements.


  • The TruWeb protocol has been renamed to DevWeb protocol.
  • LoadRunner Developer, powered by the DevWeb engine, is available as a standalone installation. In earlier versions, LoadRunner Developer was generally referred to as "DevWeb Standalone".

Version 2020 SP1


The DevWeb protocol in VuGen includes the following enhancements:

  • Replay Summary pane now supported for DevWeb.
  • New CookieExtractor added to extractors.
  • Extended WebSocket protocol support.
  • Support for Dynatrace monitoring in the DevWeb runtime settings.
  • Support for Kerberos authentication during DevWeb replay.

  • write and isExists methods added to File operations in the DevWeb JavaScript SDK.

  • Many more improvements, including security vulnerability fixes, across the DevWeb tool and resources.

See DevWeb Protocol.

See also the What's New in the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb Help Center for updates in LoadRunner Developer.


The following highlights some of the key enhancements for TruClient:

  • Support for asynchronous JavaScript APIs.
  • The VTS server now supports port forwarding that redirects communication requests from one port to another.
  • TruClient Native Mobile protocol now supports connecting to the UFT Mobile server using Oauth2 authentication.

Check out the TruClient What's New for a more detailed list.

Web Services

Web Services enhancements include:

  • Ability to automatically upgrade Web Services scripts generated by the Axis or .NET toolkits to the WCF toolkit. See Web Services toolkit migration.

  • Security handlers for scripts by WCF will no longer depend on WSE.

Citrix ICA

The Citrix ICA protocol now supports record and replay with the Citrix Workspace client.

For information on the protocol, see Citrix Protocol.

Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise

You can now upload and download scripts from VuGen to LoadRunner Enterprise, and within VuGen open and edit LoadRunner Enterprise scripts.

See Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise.

Integration with LoadRunner Cloud

You can now upload and download scripts from VuGen to LoadRunner Cloud, and within VuGen open and edit LoadRunner Cloud scripts.

See Integration with LoadRunner Professional Cloud.


Virtual Table Server (VTS) includes performance improvements, enabling VTS to handle more concurrent Vusers at higher speeds.

See Virtual Table Server (VTS).

Version 2020

DevWeb availability

Upgraded DevWeb support:

  • DevWeb is now a fully-supported VuGen protocol, available according to the terms of your license agreement. (It is available with any license that includes Web - HTTP/HTML.)
  • LoadRunner Developer supports up to 50 running Vusers.

The following highlights the key enhancements for DevWeb in VuGen:

  • Enhanced support for DevWeb scripts, including:

    • Actionable snapshots.
    • Ability to regenerate a script from the HAR file.

    • Ability to jump to an error line in the replay log.

    • Ability to select the browser for recording.
    • Support for Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) script.
  • Support for automatic record scan for correlations.

See DevWeb Protocol.

Also check out the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb Help Center for general LoadRunner Developer enhancements.


The following highlights some of the key enhancements for TruClient:

  • Updated and improved browser support for TruClient Browser (equivalent to Mozilla 65.0.3) and Chromium 76.

  • Performance metrics now include client-side page parsing, as well as JavaScript execution time for DOMContentLoaded, DOM Interactive, and Page Load events.

  • TruClient Native Mobile enhancements.
  • New TruClient search bar.
  • New Steps box now contains the Toolbox functionality.
  • Support for HTTPS version VTS server.
  • Improved support for using proxy settings with the IE browser on Windows 10.

Check out the TruClient What's New for a more detailed list.

Web Services

Web Services enhancements include:

  • Web Services protocol now includes the new WCF toolkit and APIs, providing updated support for WSDL importing, recording, replaying, and SAML. See Importing services.
  • When importing services, VuGen now automatically uses the default proxy server settings. See Connection Settings dialog box.
SAP - Web

The following are now supported for SAP - Web scripts:

  • DFE, including a new predefined DFE for SAP: SAPEventQueue.
  • Recording Report.
  • Asynchronous communication.
  • HAR file generation after script replay.

See SAP Web Protocol.

Web-based protocols

Upgraded traffic analyzer support:

  • Added support for additional Wireshark versions: Up to 3.0.2
  • Added support for additional Fiddler versions: Up to 5.0.x

See Create a Vuser Script by Analyzing a Captured Traffic File.

Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise You can now upload VuGen scripts directly to LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly Performance Center). See Upload scripts to LoadRunner Enterprise.

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Controller and Analysis enhancements

Controller and Analysis include the following enhancements.

Version 2020 SP1

Azure DevOps Plugin

You can now integrate LoadRunner Professional with Microsoft Azure DevOps CI/CD systems, using the Micro Focus Azure DevOps Plugin.

See Continuous integration with Azure DevOps.


Analysis now supports APDEX for measuring performance, as part of your SLA capabilities.

See Service level agreements overview.

Service Virtualization integration

LoadRunner Professional now supports integration with Service Virtualization version 5.2.

See Service Virtualization.

RDP mode

We have added several enhancements when running Vusers on load generators using RDP mode:

  • Configurable resolution and color depth.
  • Automatic sign off when disconnecting from the load generator.
  • Connecting to a load generator with an already open session forces log off and creates a new session.

See Run Vusers in an interactive RDP session.

Controller runtime collation

Controller now supports runtime collation of raw data.

See Collate scenario run results.

Runtime settings

The Controller runtime settings have been expanded to include:

  • Properties for JMeter (discontinued in 2021).
  • Runtime settings views for protocols that are not supported in VuGen, including CsNet, VbNet, VcNet, JavaUT, dotNetUT, and MQ Series.

Version 2020


The Community license, supporting 50 Vusers, 1 JMeter Vuser, and unlimited users for Mobile UI, is now installed automatically during LoadRunner Professional setup.

See About LoadRunner Professional licenses.


The following highlights the keys enhancements for DevWeb scripts in Controller and Analysis:

  • Ability to upload and run scripts from DevWeb Standalone in Controller.
  • Ability to edit DevWeb runtime settings in Controller.
  • Support for snapshot on error.
  • New Bytes Sent per Second graph for DevWeb throughput in Controller and Analysis.

See DevWeb tests.

Also check out the DevWeb What's New for general DevWeb enhancements.

Controller online graphs

The Controller online monitor graphs component has been modernized, providing a more streamlined process for adding and customizing the Run tab graphs.

See View and customize online monitor graphs.

Analysis reports

A new modernized UI is now available for:

  • Analysis Summary report

  • HTML reports

See Analysis report types.

Runtime Settings The Runtime Settings pages for Controller and Analysis have been redesigned, to match the VuGen format.

Added support for additional protocols with Dockerized load generators:

  • Windows: Web Services and DevWeb protocols
  • Linux: DevWeb protocol

See Configure Dockerized load generators.

TLS 1.3 TLS 1.3 is supported for Controller-load generator communications.

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Technologies, platforms, and security

LoadRunner Professional includes support, or improved support, for the below technologies and platforms.

Version 2020 SP1

Microsoft Windows Support for Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 update)
Linux Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
.NET Support for .NET Framework 4.8

Version 2020


Improved Java support:

  • You can now customize the Java version used in VuGen for code generation. See Java code support.
  • The following JDK versions are included in the out-of-the-box installation:

    • With VuGen: OpenJDK 11, 32-bit

    • With load generators: OpenJDK 11, 32-bit (Windows); OpenJDK 8, 32-bit (Linux)

Microsoft Windows

Support for:

  • Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903)
  • Windows Server 2019
OpenSSL Support for OpenSSL versions up to 1.1.1b
Load generator on Linux Support for Ubuntu Server Linux 18.04 LTS
NUnit Support for NUnit 3.12

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Help Center updates

The LoadRunner Professional and VuGen Help Centers are available online from any browser, and include powerful search engine functionality, enabling you to search through all the Help Center content.

This Help Center version includes the following updates:

Updated Home page

We've updated our Help Center Home page with a new fresh look.

Let us know what you think: Click Send Help Center Feedback in the footer of the Help Center.

Local help

Starting from version 2020, local help is no longer provided as part of the LoadRunner Professional product installation.

If you do not have access to the online Help Center, you have the option to download and install the help files locally on your LoadRunner Professional machines. For details, see Download Help Centers.

Merged Help Centers Some of the standalone Help Centers that were previously available locally have now been merged into the LoadRunner Professional Help Center, providing a more streamlined help experience.

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