Session Information dialog box (Options dialog box)

This dialog box enables you to view a summary of the configuration properties of the current Analysis session.

To access File > Session Information

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Displays the type of data aggregated, the criteria according to which it is aggregated, and the time granularity of the aggregated data.

Displays the properties of the SQL server.
Aggregation Indicates whether the session data has been aggregated.
Data Collection Mode Indicates whether the session displays complete data or summary data.
Data Time Filter Indicates whether a time filter has been applied to the session.
Database Name Displays the name and directory path of the database.
Database Type Displays the type of database used to store the load test scenario data.
Results Displays the name of the result file.
Session Name Displays the name of the current session.
Web Granularity Displays the web granularity used in the session.

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