Display Options dialog box

This dialog box enables you to select the graph type and configure the display of the graph.

Note: This option is not available for all graph types.

To access

View > Display Options

See also

Editing Main Chart dialog box (Display Options dialog box)

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description
Type Select the type of graph to display from the drop-down list.
Values Types Select the type of display information from the list of available values. For example, a bar graph displaying Average Transaction Response Time can be configured to display minimum, maximum, average, STD, count, and sum averages.
Graph X Axis (Bar graphs only) Select the bar arrangement along the x-axis. You can arrange the bars by value types or measurement.
Time Options Select the way in which the graph shows the Elapsed Scenario Time on the x-axis. You can choose an elapsed time relative to the beginning of the scenario or an elapsed time from the absolute time of the machine's system clock.
Show Breaking Measurement Select this check box to display the name and properties of the breaking measurement at the top of the graph (disabled by default).
3 Dimensional Select this check box to enable a 3-dimensional display of the graph.
3D % Specify a percentage for the 3-dimensional aspect of lines in the graph. This percentage indicates the thickness if the bar, grid, or pie chart.
Show Legend on Graph Select this check box to display a legend at the bottom of the graph.
Drawing Arrows Allows you to configure the style, color, and width of arrows you draw to highlight graph information.

Opens the Editing MainChart dialog box. For more information, see Editing Main Chart dialog box (Display Options dialog box).

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