Apply/Edit Template dialog box

This dialog box enables you to configure template settings and select report template options. Using this dialog box, you can create new templates, open existing ones, and set the default template for your sessions.

To access Tools > Templates

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element Description
  • Browse for a template.
  • Add a new template. Enter the title of the new template in the Add new template dialog box.
  • Duplicate the selected template.
  • Delete the selected template.
  • Set the selected template as the default.
Use automatic granularity Applies the default Analysis granularity (one second) to the template. For information about setting Analysis granularity, see Change the granularity of the data.
Generate the following automatic HTML report Generates an HTML report using the template. Specify or select a report name. For information about generating HTML reports, see HTML reports.
Open html report after creation If you selected the option of generating an automatic HTML report, select this option to automatically open the HTML report after it is created.
Automatically save the session as Automatically saves the session using the template you specify. Specify or select a file name.
Automatically analyze the top problematic transactions Automatically generates Transaction Analysis reports for the transactions with the worst SLA violations. Reports are generated for a maximum of five transactions. For more information about Transaction Analysis reports, see Analyze Transactions dialog box.
Automatically close Analysis after saving session Automatically closes Analysis after a session is automatically saved (using the previous option). This prevents the running of multiple instances of Analysis.
Generate the following automatic Rich Reports The selected reports are added to the template.
<check box on left of Template's Name> Select to add report template to selected template. The reports are added to the session.

Generates a report using the selected report template to MS Word.

Note: Take into account that the content load may affect the table format within the MS Word document.

Excel Generates a report using the selected report template to Excel.
PDF Generates a report using the selected report template to PDF.
HTML Generates a report using the selected report template to HTML.
Graphs tab Displays the list of graphs that are included in the template. When the template is applied to a session, the graphs are displayed under Graphs in Session Explorer. If there is no data in the session, the graphs are not created.
Apply to Session Applies your changes to the current analysis session without closing the dialog box.

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