View load test scenario information

In Analysis, you can view information about the load test scenario which you are analyzing. You can view the scenario runtime settings and output messages that were generated by Controller during the scenario.

You can view information about the Vuser groups and scripts that were run in each scenario, as well as the runtime settings for each script in a scenario, in the Scenario runtime settings dialog box.

Note: The runtime settings allow you to customize the way a Vuser script is executed. You configure the runtime settings from Controller or VuGen before running a scenario. For information on configuring the runtime settings, refer to the online help in those products.

Select File > View Scenario Runtime Settings, or click the View runtime settings button on the toolbar.

The Scenario runtime settings dialog box opens, displaying the Vuser groups, scripts, and scheduling information for each scenario. For each script in a scenario, you can view the runtime settings that were configured in Controller or VuGen before scenario execution.

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