Generate a Cross Result graph

This topic describes how to create a Cross Result graph for two or more result sets.

The Cross Result dialog box enables you to compare the results of multiple load test scenario runs. You can also view a summary report for the Cross Result graph.

To generate a Cross Result graph:

  1. Choose File > Cross With Result. The Cross Results dialog box opens.

  2. Click Add to add an additional result set to the Result List. The Select Result Files for Cross Results dialog box opens.

  3. Locate a results folder and select its result file (.lrr). Click OK. The scenario is added to the Result List.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the results you want to compare are in the Result List.

  5. When you generate a Cross Result graph, by default it is saved as a new Analysis session. To save it in an existing session, clear the Create New Analysis Session for Cross Result box.

  6. Click OK. Analysis processes the result data and asks for a confirmation to open the default graphs.

  7. Note: When generating a Cross Results Session, verify that the transaction names do not contain a <_> or <@> symbol. These symbols cause errors when attempting to open the Cross Results graphs.

    After you generate a Cross Result graph, you can filter it to display specific scenarios and transactions. You can also manipulate the graph by changing the granularity, zoom, and scale.

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