Generate merged graphs

This topic describes how to merge the results of two graphs from the same load test scenario into a single graph. The merging allows you to compare several different measurements at once. For example, you can make a merged graph to display the network delay and number of running Vusers, as a function of the elapsed time.

You can merge all graphs with a common x-axis.

To create a merged graph:

  1. Select a graph in the Session Explorer or select its tab to make it active.

  2. Choose View > Merge Graphs or click Merge Graphs. The Merge Graphs dialog box opens and displays the name of the active graph.

  3. Select a graph with which you want to merge your active graph. Only the graphs with a common x-axis to the active graph are available.

  4. Select the merge type and a title for the merged graph. By default, Analysis combines the titles of the two graphs being merged. For more information, see Merge Graphs dialog box.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Filter the graph just as you would filter any ordinary graph.

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